The Big Board

Product Price Change

After years of talking about it, the brothers Mark, Eric, Doyle (eldest) and long time friend Dave finally realized their dream of opening their own restaurant that is both a neighborhood bar and restaurant.

Drawing on Mark's experience as sous-chef in Montpellier, France, the guys came up with a menu that they think is a unique take on gourmet burgers.

However, they knew there needed to be something that would set the actual burger itself apart and one night Eric thought about his favorite meal growing up: marinated flank steak. The boys’ father Admiral Flannery, who spent his days as director of the National Military command center, while before and after he brown-bag school lunches and cooked dinner for his boys, became a pretty good cook over the years and came up with a marinade of his own.

That night – one of many spent creating and testing different menu items - Eric added the marinade to the burgers and it was better than they could have imagined. Of course, the boys and all their friends also grew up eating the Admiral's burgers as well so it was a perfect fit. He was always a bit of a gourmand himself, but never one to follow a recipe and as a result, Mark, Eric and Doyle all have their own variations of the recipe with each claiming to have the "one that dad gave me!” ensuring that the recipe truly is a family secret.

You'll find a variation of the marinade on every one of our burgers ensuring Admiral Flannery's influence is in each burger that comes out of the kitchen and the welcome that we hope all receive.